Many things change in your life when you have children. There are, of course, the obvious ones, no more sleep ins, a late night now ends at 10pm, rather than starting at 10pm and so on. Holidaying with small children fails to make the obvious list of these changes, but perhaps evolution is two steps ahead of us here – maybe if we knew there were going to no more raging regetton parties at seven in the morning in Havana, or the ,’is that a baby elephant in the pub,’ moments it may cause us to pause and really think about procreating.

It is rare that the words, stressful, hectic and exhausting are used in association with holidays – but anyone who has embarked on holidays with small children is familiar with them. Having a four and a one year old ruled out anywhere requiring either a flight or long stints of driving for us, we decided on a holiday in Ireland. Childhood nostalgia for the seaside and the delicious freedom of no shoes for a week led me to settle on Rosslare. Reading the reviews and looking at the location we then decided on Rosslare Beach Villas. I highly recommend these apartments for people holidaying with young children, the location is superb. Five metres to the beach. And what a beach! Beautiful sand, shallow water for paddling, rock pools to explore…  there was also a Centra across the road, a bakery and a little further up a chipper. With two smallies in tow, it was the ultimate in convenience.

The apartments themselves are exceptional, the standards of cleanliness are superb and there is a good supply of towels and linen. The design is clever, we were in apartment 3, and it had a decking area to the front that was perfectly positioned for a mid-morning coffee in the sun. With the afore mentioned bakery within spitting distance, we were beginning to slip into serious holiday mode.

We had two bedrooms downstairs, the main bedroom had an en suite, and the other bedroom had a toilet across the hall and a blackout blind on the window. Essential. Upstairs there was an adequate kitchen and a large living space with an enclosed balcony looking out to sea. From here we were looking out at Rosslare Harbour and could see all of the ferries coming and going. Crucially for me, when we opened the window, we could hear the sea. There was a TV with most of the channels, but most evenings we ended up just admiring the view with a glass of wine. We had requested a stair gate, highchair and cot and these were provided free of charge. Also, there were some plastic plates and bowls which was a lovely thought as they were something that we use, but had not thought of bringing! There were also teabags and a pint of milk waiting for us. For me, this was not only brilliant from a hospitality point of view, but also showed the care and attention given to the guests.

There are many things to do in Wexford, and we only managed to tick a few of these off the list. This leaves us with a tempting to do list for next summer. Most days were spent at the beach, and with the convenience of the location, it was impossible not to relax. I managed to get to the beach myself for some runs and early morning yoga. I highly recommend Rosslare Beach Villas for anyone looking to get away, but particularly for people with small children.

I mentioned some crazy holidays earlier, and in case anyone is wondering, yes, I will be THAT fifty year old at a full moon party in Thailand.


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