Magpie Inn, Dalkey, Review

Last week a magical thing happened. Nay, more than magical. Cosmological. All of my stars aligned and resulted in friends being free on the same night that both my husband and I were free. This also fell on the same night that I had prebooked three months ago with Granny and Granddad for the kids to stay over. Yes, readers, it was finally happening, I was going out on a Saturday night. Like a normal person. Emerging from my cocoon of writing and housework, and after a quick google of what normal people now wear out nowadays, the pressure was on for the venue to deliver.

We picked the Magpie Inn in Dalkey, tempted in by the lure of casual dining and a cracking craft beer list. One banter filled taxi ride over Killiney Hill later, I was tottering down Dalkey Main St in my lovely pink heels that I had been keeping for a special occasion, hand in hand with hubbie. This was gonna be good, but it wasn’t good, it was great.

We had booked a table (I say we, it was the genius of the actual grown up Niallers lurking among us) and I would recommend doing so for peak times. The design of the Inn was clever and created a cosy atmosphere, and like what I imagine the pub of the 21st century to look like. Retaining character with well thought out lighting and use of colour. The tables were also very well laid out, leaving plenty of room to move around even when it was full. The service was impeccable if a tad slow once we had eaten, but hey who cares, I’m out baby. The food menu was well thought out, and really had something for everyone. At first off, I thought it was a smidge expensive, but given the portion sizes and the quality of the ingredients, it was justified. I had the goats cheese salad and it was certainly filling with the flavours well balanced. Observing what everyone else ordered, it looked delicious. The main test of great food being passed when we were all silent when we were eating.

The craft beer list is extensive and perhaps on another night I will get a bit more adventurous and try some more of them. It would have been interesting to see what beers would go with each food item given the scope in both menus that would have been an insightful read. The atmosphere was buzzing, and overall facilitated a chilled out catch up with friends. Overall, highly recommended for casual dining and chilled out evenings.

I was so chilled out, I forgot to ask them if they had a children’s menu. However, I think that was my subconscious at work as the Magpie Inn will now be reserved for nights out only.



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