Book Review – Freddy Buttons

Freddy Buttons Review

The Freddy Buttons books are a series of books that aim to promote healthy eating and to create an awareness in children of where food comes from. With my own fussy eaters in tow who think that everything except from the odd herb comes from the shop, this was certainly a premise that appealed to me.

The stories are based on a fictional farm cottage, Tumbledown Cottage, and centre on a young boy and his adventures. They are food themed which doesn’t make for the most interesting premise at first thought, however, what is really clever about these books, is that food is used as a secondary theme, with the focus being on Freddy and his rather clever and innocent adventures. The stories are quirky and fun, with the pace set perfectly for younger readers.

There are six books in the series, three for 5-7 year olds and three for 6-8 year olds. I tried these out with my son, five, and he loved them, in fact, we read all of them. Each book is structured the same way, there is the main story and at the end there are facts about the food that featured in the story and a recipe. For me, this gave the books the edge over any others as it gave them relevance at a practical level for our family. They are simple and easy to follow, and definitely reinforce the idea that food comes from the ground, you can make something with it, and it tastes great. All of these ideas are not new, but the way they are linked through the book provides a sense of achievement absent from other series.

These elements are all supported by gorgeous illustrations. The detail in every picture is superb and really brings the story to life. There is also a website which is easily to use for anyone wishing for more information, young or slightly older. At last year’s Bloom Festival, a themed Freddy Buttons garden that won a silver medal.  This is not only a great series of books, but a well thought out holistic approach to learning that translates the writer’s passion for food simply and effectively.

I found the series to be well rounded, balanced and thought out. Good honest wholesome fun, much like I imagine the food in tumbledown cottage to be like. The series were a delight to read, and get involved in. I have never tried goat’s cheese yogurt myself, but it is now on the list!

You can check out the Freddy Buttons website here


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