Thoughts I have had while Christmas shopping in Penneys….


  1. I wonder where my list is
  2. Do I need it?
  3. No. This is just a quick in and out, hair ties, candle and stocking fillers
  4. Focus. You need to focus.
  5. Fur jacket!
  6. I don’t have one in black….
  7. It’s really busy today!
  8. They don’t have my size, I must go by the coat section and have a loooo…..
  9. PENGUIN PANTS. Must. Have.
  10. And matching assorted items of glee!
  11. Right, best get everything in one go.. time to get a basket
  12. This is great, it really is great value.
  13. I mean, I am technically saving money here.
  14. Fluffy socks?
  15. Get in.
  16. Do I need to try that dress on?
  17. Oh no, the changing room has a que…
  18. Do they have the heating on…?
  19. Ah, I can pick up a belt just in case.
  20. Ok, now I need shoes.
  21. Why so many people, there isn’t even a sale on!
  22. But first, the childrens section!
  23. All. So. Cute.
  24. Focus.
  25. Yes to matching pj’s for the kids.
  26. Quick flick through homeware and then on to shoes.
  27. Why is it so hot in here!
  28. Right. NO left. Anywhere!
  29. Who are the people who buy one shoe only!
  30. Ok, found it.
  31. Don’t like them, too pointy.
  32. Too hot… can’t take off my coat… too much to carry. Onward!
  33. Ok, TILL!!!!
  34. Hair ties! No. no time now. I’ll have to come back another time.
  35. Why is it so busy! I can’t see the end of the que… oh, right, its miles away.
  36. Waiting. Waiting. I am melty.
  37. Till, ok, nearly done
  39. I need wrapping paper for the presents that I have… forgotten… to… buy…
  40. Oh no, she’s putting two bags together
  41. This is going to be bad.
  42. Really bad, shes still unpacking the basket…
  43. But not, Ikea bad. Just Penneys bad..
  44. Straight face.. straight face.. now is not the time for panicking..
  45. OK, change back from a fifty… Better keep that for the hair ties next week…
  46. That’s grand though, I can pick up the stocking fillers then too.
  47. I am a genius.
  48. Time to go home and chill.

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