My Toddler’s New Year’s Resolutions…..

As we see out the old year, and herald in the new one, I have seen it fit to pen a series of New Year resolutions. Upon reflection of the year just past, I have found that there are a number of areas that have been lacking. These I have highlighted below, and I aim to build on this throughout the year, making this a firm commitment for long term personal development.
1. I shall be more assertive
These people, they just don’t listen. They seem intent on forcefully implementing their wishes over mine. This has got to stop. I have had enough. I have recently learnt the power of no, and I resolve to use it more often. In fact, I will use it all the time until they get the message.
2. I shall request a more fitting diet
No one asked me if I liked those weird round bally green things. No one asked me if I wanted to feed myself. And here I am strapped into this device that inhibits my movements…. Its time for a change, and I am putting my foot down. No more nicey nicey smiley baby, its toddler time people, and its time to dance.
3. I shall wake earlier to get more out of my day
I wake at six, why keep doing so when I could make it five! Or half four even. Yes, that would give me a good opportunity to fit everything in without rushing around. That toy box won’t empty itself, the people do so love to play. They put everything back in, which obviously means they want me to take it out again. I might cut out the daytime nap also, there’s a good hour and half that could be better used doing something else….
4. I will make more of an effort getting dressed
Toddler style is very often overlooked, and is no less a statement of personality than the peoples. I however, evidently have much more personality than them…. I mean, who else can carry off a Hawaiian shirt with leggings and wellington boots… in WINTER. That is not easy, and I must become more involved in my own style choices.
5. I will change things up a little bit
Gone are the day so of boring old baby! These people think they have me figured out. Well, I have a surprise for them, as I am from now on going to change my mind repeatedly on everything (apart from blue puppy, he’s staying) up to and including, what I want to eat and drink, what I want to play, where I want to go, whether or not I want to use the potty, whether or not I want to get in or out of the house/car/bath/pram/bed, what I want to watch on TV, what time I want to go to bed at, where I want to sleep. What’s life without a little variety.
It’s been beige around here too long, it’s time to inject some colour. You can only empower yourself, and for this cause, I am in for the long haul. Starting now.


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