Dear 2016, new year same old me…

A certain thing happens at this time of year. And no I’m not talking about the rosy Christmas glow from one too many egg nogs.. .. my facebook, twitter and many news sites are clogged up advertisements and suggestions for mindfulness. I suppose it is only natural that at this time of the year we think about our mental health and stress management as we move from one year to the other. Mindfulness isn’t for me though, with the endless photos of sitting cross-legged at the ends of piers at sunset leaving me wondering where the rash came from. I have, after much consideration come to the conclusion that the things that I need right now, are not New Year specific. Making this New Year all about the same old me.
However, there are some things that would actually really help me right now:
1. People without children not telling me how stressed/tired/bored they are feeling
You have every right to be tired when you don’t have children, of course you do. With those hours to fill doing… well.. whatever it is you do when you don’t have children…. Get your hair done?? That is taxing. You are right, Christmas IS hard. So many sweets to unwrap, while watching what you actually want to watch, so many nights out socialising. What is arguably in a different league of tiredness however is the constant cleaning, tidying, cooking, row mediation ,washing, drying and trying to look presentable all while having roughly two hours of uninterrupted sleep a night, a cumulative hangover and a pain in your back that would bring down a rhino. I won’t talk to you about how hard my life is right now, if you please don’t moan about wanting a nap in the middle of the afternoon.
2. Booking a summer holiday
Annually, bookings for summer holidays peak in January. And I fully understand why. The thoughts of actual sunshine on an actual beach might just be enough to drag me through the dreary days of January. I will cross the bridge of holiday preparation and come down as we get closer to the date, but for the moment, all I can see is palm trees. Yes, they have lovely palm trees in Rosslare.
3. Getting some exercise
Yes I know I am a little crazy given the level of physicality being at home for Christmas brings and my total hours sleep a week being that of a normal person in one week, but getting out for a run never fails to give me a lift. It also gives me a much needed sense of achievement. Of course being at home you achieve a lot in your day, cleaning the same spot over and over and over and over… My toddler is at the, ‘let’s pull everything out phase’, and sometimes, you just need to run and run and run. And feel like you are getting somewhere.


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