Things that have crossed my mind working out at The Underground

  1. Please don’t let me be late and miss something vital
  2. Oh no, its ok, I’m on time!
  3. Oh good God, I’m either first or going to be doing this by myself
  4. No, wait, here’s a gang of people now.
  5. Were they all waiting outside together? Focus Jane, you look confused now.
  6. You need to look focused. And serious.
  7. Really serious about working out.
  8. Demonstration time.
  9. You need to focus for demonstrate… active recovery? Oh COME on…
  10. Gaining fitness all the time I suppose…
  11. Bar. Grip. Arse out. Bend knees. Straight back. Lift like a feather.
  12. Got it.
  13. Have I?
  14. Ah, I am sure most of that stuck…
  15. Warm up.
  16. Knackered.
  17. Right, first off, pushups with an arm wavy thing.
  18. Why is the simplest little thing the hard…est…
  19. Its only leg lifts.
  20. Its. Only. Leg. Lifts.
  21. Can’t breath.
  22. Just keep going.
  23. Everyone else looks fine.
  24. Why so unfit!
  25. Choose the weight carefully
  26. Fat bar with small weights could weigh more than small bar with big weights
  27. Big weights don’t mean heavier weights all the time.
  28. I can use big lighter weights and pretend to be super strong…
  29. Yes. Super strong.
  30. Not the mammy who carries her 15kg child around ALL THE TIME yet can’t pick up anything heavier than a matchstick here.
  31. Resist urge to tell everyone this.
  32. Must not overshare.
  33. Only you care that you’ve lost so much weight that your pants are falling off. Literally.
  34. Even though that is amazing
  35. I’m better at leg day.
  36. Or anything glutey related.
  37. Thank you ballet.
  38. Sledgehammers.
  39. Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.
  40. Ow toe.
  41. Ok focus, now where was I, bend and dig and swing and smash.
  42. Soothing in a nice rhythm… oh dear.
  43. Oh dear dear dear…
  44. Next its……….
  45. Its…
  46. Its….
  47. Skipping.
  48. I don’t skip like an adult.
  49. Everyone else can skip with both legs at the same time.
  50. My mother and your mother were hanging out the clo…
  51. Don’t panic.
  52. Starjumps.
  53. Faithful starjumps.
  54. I have successfully just managed a pull up for the first time!
  55. I have progressed.
  56. I can do this.
  57. I can’t do this.
  58. Don’t psyche yourself out!
  59.… chin… over…
  60. Maybe I forgot the giant elastic bands…
  61. No.. no… there they are…
  62. Doing it!
  63. REST.
  64. Hey this is flying by, I’m nearly at the…
  65. End, I made it to the end.
  66. Heartrate surprisingly low
  67. Water.
  68. Aside from the shaking hands I’m ok
  69. Warm down.
  70. Can’t get up off the gr…
  71. No wait, I’m ok. I’m up
  72. I’m up. And I seriously enjoyed that.

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