Underground Fitness Review

And there I sat in my car outside the gym. Sad fat mammy. Two children later and trying to garner enough strength to step away from the spoon and stop crying into the ice cream. It wasn’t my fault. I had already gone to the trouble of sneaking it upstairs and hiding in the bathtub. Or as I like to call it, the last refuge. And they were still knocking on the door.

But this story has a happy ending. Really bothered by the fact that I had a hole in my abs that I could fit my whole fist into after my second child made an appearance in the world, I finally plucked up the courage to do something about it. Something drastic. Having been prevented from my lonely plod around by the park by increasingly creaking knees, I needed something low impact. I needed something to finally get me to confront my crisp addiction. I also needed something that was flexible about when it was on and that didn’t look too boring.

And so, I signed up for a free trial at the Underground, and liked it so much I ended up joining. I call it a gym for simplicity sake, but really it is more along the bootcamp/high intensity training line of things, but a lot less shouty and a lot more fun. In fact, it’s so much fun an odd thing has happened… I now look forward to working out. It’s not that I was ever really exercise adverse, it’s just with a handful of sleep ins and nights where I have slept through in the last five years, energy has been a little low. The instructors are very friendly, easy going and show you exactly how to do things. Exactly. They are always encouraging and positive. The attitude is try, and that really appeals to me, and now I can do things like pull ups and dead lifts. Fancy gym things.

There is diet/food advice to go with it, and the owner Paddy has gone to the trouble of explaining why it is important to follow it. Crucial. It’s also not the hardest thing I have had to follow, and working so hard at the sessions it really does motivate you to take more time to think about what you are eating. Downside? A lot more saucepans to wash up and trips to two different supermarkets, but with a bit of creative thought many meals are adaptable.

They have a different workout every day, and also use things in a really innovative way integrating things like tyres, bungee cords and sledgehammers into workouts. It also has really really loud music so I can’t hear myself breathing. It feels like they’ve thought of everything and they provide a genuinely accessible and challenging workout. And it’s bags of fun.

I have managed to lose two stone, drop a dress size (and heading swiftly towards another one) and loose three inches off my waist in twelve weeks. And all while feeling that it wasn’t the biggest effort. I am now down to my pre baby weight on my first child. Not quite feeling full of energy as sleep is still an issue, but definitely more energetic.

Underground Fitness, not just for already fit people, it’s for normal people too.

**Advance word of warning, this is on the southside so everyone manages to look phenomenal while working out. Don’t let this put you off though, I took the trouble to ask a few people how long they have been coming. The answers varied from six months to two years. It is a programme that obviously works, and I do hope one day to have the presence of mind to put on the slap before working out.**

Details can be found here: www.underground.ie and they also do a free week trial


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