Lazy girl attempts at eating clean …

So, since I told the world that I have managed to finally win the battle of weight loss being two stone down since January, I have been inundated with questions about how exactly I did it. Well. Let me fill you in on some of the detail… I work out 2/3 times a week at The Underground, review here  and I have also done some considerable work on my diet by trying to eat clean.

Changes that I made:
No diet soft drinks
Limited Carbs at lunch and dinner
More veggies
Make myself as much as possible – burgers, sauces, chicken nuggets

I say try, as I am a lazy lazy chef who struggles with anything over five ingredients or anything that is overly complicated. To me eating clean is ditching anything that comes in a jar (except jam. I draw the line at making my own jam) making things from scratch and seriously looking at the amount of vegetables that I was eating. Which was none aside from potatoes. So, what I have learned on my quest to eat clean, I don’t manage it fully every day, but I do try, and if I do crack and open a packet of crisps, I draw a line under it and start again.
Here are some of the things that I have learned so far
1. Not all greens taste the same
I presume this is a common misconception. Also, spinach is much nicer raw than cooked. Opinions differ on this of course, but I have learned that unless you try you really do not know. So, if in doubt give it a bash. Turns out that I am partial to kale but have to draw the line at beetroot.
2. Low carb dinners and lunches are a struggle
No bread or potatoes. I had a vague feeling that I was going to fade off the face of the earth with this but I have maintained a substantial presence on it swapping sandwiches for soup and a salad, and pasta for corguetti.
3. Bread addiction is a thing
A very real and scary thing. I found it easier to gradually wean myself down to a wholemeal pitta a day than taking a cold turkey approach. Whatever works for you, just don’t underestimate it. I also staggered this with coming off diet soft drinks…
4. Things taste ok when they are covered in sauce
Homemade bolognaise sauce that is of course!
5. It is possible on a budget
Shop around, plan your meals in advance and try to cut out all those little trips to the shop to ‘pick up a few bits’… it will inevitably end up with you picking up a baguette, pizza and diet coke. Make a list,  remember the list, and stick to it.


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