Holidays in Wexford… A Guide…

Being a closet yellow belly, I instinctively retire to the Wexord coast every summer… the endless beaches and things to do make it a no brainer. Plus the short travel time from Dublin, winner!

This year we stayed in Rosslare Strand, small quiet, not too far from supermarkets and with enough shops to get you through, it offers a lot. Here is a list of things that we got up to, and some that had to go on the list for next year. We stayed in a private house this year, but here is a review of the place that we stayed in last year Holidays…..

Johnstown Castle and Gardens

We spent the majority of a full day here, we brought a picnic and when we had finished that and a walk of the spectacular grounds, we went for tea and cake! There is an agricultural museum that we didn’t go into, with an exhibition on the famine running also. The grounds are beautiful, and worth it to enjoy them fully. Bonus points for finding the secret castle! Don’t forget the wellies just in case.

Hook Head

Hook head is a beautiful, lonely spectacular place. It boasts the spooky Loftus Hall, which we passed on the way to the lighthouse. I felt that the kids were a bit small for the tour of Loftus Hall, but it looks like a good one! We went onwards through the fog to the lighthouse which was magnificent. The kids had a great time playing with all of the toys laid out on the lawn while we had a quick coffee. And more cake. On the way home we stopped at Fethard to check out the Lifeboat Disaster monument, and Fethard Castle. We were meant to stop by Dollar Bay, but the fog prevented us!


Kilmore Quay

We came twice to this beautiful little spot, about 25 minutes from Rosslare Strand. There is a huge playground beside the main car park to stretch out little legs before a short walk to the memorial gardens built to commemorate lives lost at sea. It was beautifully thought out and I found the concept of a journey of grief to be one that resonated deeply with me. It was an oasis, and a moving tribute to those people who have been lost at sea.

Memorial Garden & Grounds

The second time we came to Kilmore Quay, made hast towards the Saltee Chipper and sat in the mist having perhaps the best fish and chips of my life. Monkfish anyone?? IMG_0173.JPG

Rosslare Strand

Aside from the beach, we hit up the Farmers Market on the Sunday for fresh eggs and apple juice from Ballycross Farm, the community centre for the crazy golf and the playground. Its 2 euro in per child, but really really big and spacious and mine spent over an hour in here. It great to be able to walk everywhere after spending some time driving. The chipper was closed, but the Chinese at the main car park Lotus  does a banging curry. Recommended

We had an absolute ball, and the sandcastles made in between day trips were many. Here are some of the things on our list for next year:

Heritage Park

Famine Ship

Duncannon Fort

Curracloe Beach

I would highly recommend basing your holiday in Wexford as it is extremely family friendly and there is always something to do, be it sand castles or lighthouses!


6 thoughts on “Holidays in Wexford… A Guide…

  1. Glad you enjoyed my home county, Hook head is one of my favourite places ever. Those monkfish medallions from the Saltee Chipper are a little bit of heaven. Do go to Duncannon Fort (that’s my home village) it’s in danger of being closed to the public again if there isn’t much take up on the tours this summer. Wells House is fabulous too and en route from Dublin if you take the coast road. I’ve loads of “things to do in Wexford” posts if you’re looking for inspiration too.

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    • They were absolutely devine… I had seen your post on Duncannon, but it was a bit far for us this year. Defo on the list for next year! Every time I come back I mean to stop at Wells but something always crops up… Love Hook head but it was so eerie in the fog 😳 I’m originally from Wexford town so had to tear myself away from the shops 😂 I write fiction and so much of it ends up being set in Wexford!

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      • Oh I didn’t know you were from Wexford too:) it’s a fab county, so much to do it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular holiday destination. I’m off to my parents’ place for a couple of days next week, hope to get out to the Hook. I’ve yet to do the Dunbrody ship either, there’s always a reason not to do it this weekend!

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  2. Just reading this from a holiday home in Rosslare Strand. We come down every year, even if only for a few days. Agree with you on everything, having done most of it over the years. We only went to Johnstown Castle for the first time the other day and couldn’t believe we’d passed it by without making the turn for so many years. (No leaflet about it on the stand in Kelly’s Hotel that I checked out for things to do but I did find its leaflet in the coffee shop at the castle itself, which had the someone ironic slogan along the lines of ‘one of Ireland’s best kept secrets’). The treasure hunt for kids (available in gift shop for €1) was the best if its kind I’ve come across. Thinking of the Heritage Park today – but then again the sun is coming out so we might just check to see if yesterday’s sand castle is still there…


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