You know you are Leo when…

You cannot pass a reflective surface without checking yourself out

You have to have the last word. Even if the conversation has ended. A while ago. And no one else cares. And it’s just continuing in your head.

You can have really really really big hair

You rarely stop talking

You have the ability to give the introverts in your friend group a migrane

You rarely question yourself or your ability

You could do with being more sensitive

You presume everyone is as hard to offend you as you are

You love talking about yourself, if the conversation isn’t about you, it will be soon

You sulk

You laugh a lot

You are surprisingly quite hard to get to know

You invariably end up being asked to do readings at religious ceremonies

You love a good speech

You love life

You cannot stand injustice

You invariably stand up for the underdog

You are never stuck for someone to talk to or something to talk about

You like being alone, but cannot stand being lonely

You worship the sun

You are only getting going when the party is winding down

You are an eternal optimist

You are informed that this can get a little wearing from time to time

You thrive on challenges and are goal orientated

You love soft things                      

You value your independence

You have a large roar when you are upset

You have a tendency towards and have been called a drama queen on more than one occasion. Often, daily

You are never late

You always do what you say you are going to do

You love a good nap

You do not like being woken up


Leo, you are awesome, never change.


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