Childs Farm – Review

Childs Farm products are naturally produced, smell great and are full of beautiful ingredients. This is all great, but what really got my attention was that it is eczema friendly. Now, to bring you all up to speed, my eldest is now five but has had really bad eczema since he was six weeks old. Nothing has ever really worked and I have spent the last few years just trying to manage it whilst lurching from flair up to flare up. My youngest has sensitive skin, and a touch of eczema here and there. In general I stay away from anything fragranced or anything at all really that is different to what I am currently using. It was with some trepidation that I decided to take a punt on Childs Farm.

I tried it first with my youngest, she of the lesser sensitive skin. It caused no reaction whatsoever, and I have to come clean now, not only do we have sensitive skin, we have curly hair too! It was only as I was mid wash on her hair that I realized that I was going to have to wash it all out. This is an issue as the curls complicate things and she is two and hair rinsing averse. BUT. I would say that it washed out about the easiest of any shampoo I have used, greatly reducing potential bath time tears! It smelled divine and her hair came up in beautiful curls after it. I haven’t quite gotten as long between washes as I normally do, but hey, if you have a shampoo with argan oil in it, that’s the price you pay!

On to my son of the flarey eczema. I tried it with him after a flare up had just started to abate – and I was delighted with how it turned out. Again, it was easy to wash out and handy that it was both a shampoo and body wash, possibly almost halving the general awkwardness of trying to wash children that don’t want to be washed. The eczema got better in the days that followed and cleared up, he has needed less creams and certainly no steroid creams in the last week.

The last thing I want to talk about it the smell. It is divine, fresh and fruity without being overwhelming. For that reason and it’s compatibility with our sensitive skins, it is going to be a fixture on our bathroom shelf for some time to come.

Further information on Childs Farm is available here and it is priced €5.99 available in most chemists. I received a free bottle of Childs Farm for the purposes of this review, but all opinions in the review are my own. As is the duck.


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