I love a good linky – thanks to Awfully Chipper for the inspiration! Here is a snapshot of what I am up to at the moment…

Listening to – Why The Pixies of course! And in particular this track – March has me a little angsty

Watching – Taboo – just finished the first series on BBC, it is beautifully crafted, perhaps a little over written at the start but really, who cares, Tom Hardy.

Playing – Find the owl with my 6 year old. For the last 48 hours, this round the clock game has filled our consciousness. It came to a close this morning, when I discovered that he had in fact left said owl in his Grannies house TWO WEEKS AGO. Thus leading me to question whether or not he can in fact sleep without him…

Reading – a book of short stories by Daphne Du Maurier and Prague Fatale by Phillip Kerr. Daphne Du Maurier is my all time favorite, but the short stories are so freaky I need to intersperse them with something!

Looking forward to – the summer. I live for the summer. I don’t do the dark!

Drinking – Tea! The all curing embracing elixir of life. But, after a frankly catastrophic detox in January, I am now taking it black with a slice of lemon. To be honest, it’s nice to out-bollox the skinny cappuccino drinkers in Avoca so it is the only bit of the detox that has stuck.

Wearing – nothing fancy, but I was in London last week at the ballet so I will share my outfit from that! We had a fabulous time, for anyone who hasn’t been to the ballet in the Royal Opera House, I would HIGHLY recommend it. It was simply breathtaking. img_1048

Eating – vaguely attempting to eat healthily, but to be honest, I’d rather be happy. Life is too short to cut back on carbs in winter. I have a table for Tarot Reading  at the Killruddery Farm Market, which is great, but the downside is the smells wafting over from Days Kitchen ALL DAY. I am quickly developing an addiction to their rocky road – if you are out by Killruddery on a Saturday, check them out, so worth it.

Working on – a new novel! Well, mainly the research at the moment, but it is fun.

Permanently frustrated by – the quality of driving in the school car park.

Enjoying – getting out and about Tarot Reading for people!

Not enjoying – early mornings, bad driving, rain, the thoughts of potty training the toddler who does not under any circumstances want or in her opinion, need, to move out of nappies.



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