December Girl – Review

December Girl is set in between Drogheda and London at the turn of the last century. This places is squarely in the historical fiction genre, one that I write in myself, but as it turns out rarely read!

The action in this book starts straight away, we were plunged straight into the action as Molly’s baby is stolen from the street. The setting is realistic, and the style of writing has a beautiful flow and springs naturally from the page. Nicola Cassidy provides not only a historically accurate setting but presents in a way that you just cannot help putting the book down. In fact, once I started December Girl, I found myself finding all sorts of excuses to read it! It really is the sign of a page turner when you are reading it while the kettle is boiling and then forget to actually make the tea…

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, and trust me, there is plenty of meat in there, but the characters that support it’s twists and turns are compelling. Their own conflicts drive the plot forward as it races along the years. The book hops about on the timeline a good bit, but once you pay attention to the dates it is an enjoyable style. The local details of the settings are crucial to making this book believable, it is completely convincing.

The plot itself could have carried itself off to neater endings for the main characters, but Nicola resists what must have been a huge temptation to wrap things up in a nice little bow. Again, I am trying to resist any spoilers but for me, I didn’t see the ending coming at all.

All in all, I would recommend December Girl for all readers who love a good plot and strong characters. It kept me engaged right up to the end, and as a fan of all things historical, it wasn’t just the historical setting that had me hooked, it was the writing style of Nicola, who quite frankly, is contagious. This is a debut novel from Nicola, and as of finishing December Girl, I am anxiously awaiting her next novel.

I highly recommend December Girl, it truly is a cracking read and would be made the perfect gift for someone to snuggle up with this Christmas. I’m just a little sorry that I have read it already!


Nicola sent me a copy of December Girl for review purposes.

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